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News of the Heretic World! - Are we officially "Old"?

Yikes! Two years since an update to the splash page..WTF? It looks like we may finally be entering that stage in our lives where the old Heretic doesn't mean that much anymore. I personally miss all of you guys, but I don't know when or where we may all be able to kill mobs together again. I hope we can keep this page rolling at least a bit longer, but if not...I have enjoyed the ride. SOme things still linger on the horizon, BF1, Star Citizen etc., but our best bet may be getting drunk together in Vegas again...who knows. Keep in touch, please. And with that..our disclaimer:

The basic message stays the same: We consider ourselves a mature, yet fun loving guild that is focused on all areas of the game, RvR and PvE, all while meeting our primary goal of having fun. We pride ourselves on trying to be drama free, majority of us being adults with real lives. We encourage everyone to group up, use Vent, and strengthen the guild. As we progress, folks get the opportunity to experience end game content as well as a chance to grab the leet lootz everyone wants.

While we encourage everyone to level up, alts are definitely a welcomed mix to the guild. We do not require a certain amount of attendance at guild events. Although we encourage our members to attend events when we schedule them, we understand that people have other commitments than the game. We try to organize events that the membership wants to see and will fluctuate from being heavily RvR focused to heavily PVE focused depending on what's going on in the game and the general mood of the members.


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by DS on Apr 01, 2015 at 11:54 PM
If you haven't heard, we're drinking and kicking ass in Planetside 2 once again. Yes, we're still rolling as underpowered TR, taking names, and doing what Blur does best... Still not sure what that is.

This time around, QF and it looks like Trusty are streaming all the highlights of our exploits for the world to see and hear. If you're bored and looking for something to do, reload PS2 and join us. Things start heating up about 10 or 11 EST Friday and Saturday night and run until the beer is gone.

Keep drinking soldier, there's no sobriety in a TR!