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This charter is a guide to what is expected behavior for any member of Heretic and how as a guild operate. Much of this guide is based around the practice of "treat others as you yourself would like to be treated". Please note: This Charter was intended for our guild during it's time in Warhammer Online, and is subject to change at any time. In addition, some inconsistencies may exist within the current game structure. Please be patient and flexible while we work this out.

1. We come together to play a game! Have fun, and play the parts of the game you enjoy – Role-Playing, PvE, Trade skills, PvP, etc. Keep in mind that many people enjoy this game in different ways, so respect other people's views of how they want to spend their time.

2. We are currently using the "Brain Trust" approach, 3-5 experienced Heretic members who make decisions when required. None of the leadership positions are permanent and leaders may step down at any point. If any member who has ideas and wants to put in the time or effort to move the group forward, and would like to apply for a leadership position, please contact one of the "Brain Trust".

3. Got an idea, please share! No one person can keep a Guild like this going, this is definitely a group effort. From Man Love Power Hour to Chicken Fights with The Inquisition, along with random stupidity like standing around naked in the Viper Pit to finally making a push into end game PvE content, there are things that members have presented and have become a part of the fun.

4. People will ALWAYS have disagreements, BUT take them to tells so the rest of the guild does not have to hear all of your disputes. If you have a problem, your first option is not to quit on the guild. We see every person as an investment and a family member. Our relationships should be as thick as blood vs. water. Give us the courtesy of explaining, resolving, or finding a compromise before you fly off the handle and leave. Most, who have left, regret the decision.

5. We understand anyone can make mistakes and as such anyone who has voluntarily left the Guild may be re-invited. This option is at the discretion of the Brain Trust.

6. We prefer to keep our guild chat somewhere between ‘PG-13’ and ‘Rated-R’. While we are a mature guild and swearing is acceptible, swearing AT people is unacceptable. Racist comments and other highly volitile discussions are not tolerated. We understand that Ventrilo especially can get out of hand. Make sure that if someone asks you to tone it down to do so immediately. You never know when kids might be in the room.

7. Grief Players will NOT be tolerated. Basically if you participate in conduct that would otherwise impact some other player's ability to enjoy the game this is considered griefing. Just one of many examples of this would be camping a zone boss that a random player needs to kill and always killing it on purpose just to spite that other player and preventing them from completing the quest. This item in our poilcy can be summarized by one quote by Wil Weaton, "Don't be a Dick".

8. Harassment of other players, in our Guild or otherwise, will not be tolerated. This includes verbal harassment via in game voice chat as well as /tells or any channel communications that would be concidered harassment. See rule #5 about Wil Wheaton's commentary on being a dick.

9. We do not condone actions that are illegal in game activities (exploiting, bot'ing, paid gaming services) as stated in the Terms of Use agreement for any game being played. Basically if it's something that if a GM knew you were doing and would even give you a warning, these are things we don't condone to be done whether you can get away with it or not (or if "everyone else" is doing it).

10. We prefer our members not ‘beg’ for power leveling, items, or money. In general we tend to be generous people and you will have many opportunities to gain these things with us.

11. What goes around comes around. Share with other guild mates loot, trade-skills, consumables, tradeskill schematics, etc. If we share as a community then we all benefit and grow stronger. Use the guild bank (if one exists) if you find something you want to offer to someone who needs it but have no one in particular in mind, the officers will find the person who needs it most.

12. Each Member is expected to check the Guild web site/forums frequently. At the very least check on scheduled events, news, polls, and policy documents. We expect you to be in the know. Our forums have a plethora of information and we are constantly expanding this. If you do not check and post on the boards, you will be left out because some things are only said and communicated on the boards.

13. Try to form Guild groups when possible. If you are in a squad that needs replacement players, look towards guild chat. If you are soloing and someone is organizing a guild instance run, help that other guild member with their run. We are all here to help each other so let's do just that. Try not to form "cliques" within the Guild and include a wide variety of members into your groups. Our success comes from our members acting as one.

14. Represent Heretic with pride and humility. In most instances, it’s better to be the bigger person, even when you are mad. We live in a tight knit community where ill actions of a single member can taint the image of our Guild so act with honor.

15. Always remember, with anything, you get out of it what you put in. If you want a good experience, give your all. If you are doing everything you can to be known, get groups, and have fun, you will benefit from this Guild and likewise we will benefit from you.

16. In a game of fast paced action, typing is not practical. Participation in Ventrilo is HIGHLY encouraged. At the very least, everyone should listen to Ventrilo guild chat. It is one of the DEFINING parts of the culture of the guild. Those who do not utilize Ventrilo will find that they miss out on the majority of guild discussions and have a difficulty in gaining the attention of those who actively participate in vocalized discussions. We even have multiple channels setup in ventrilo for guild mettings, group organization. Info is on boards for all to use. Thanks to Brak and Dardas for footing the bills for the dedicated servers. Vent is our priority system with TS as backup.